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An average cook, an enthusiasm for experimenting and trying new things, is the reason for this blog. That and I found myself in the “empty nest” syndrome and needed an outlet.  So I picked up the camera that was collecting dust, got out the pile of recipes, contacted friends and family for their favorites and starting cooking again. What could be better than a glass of wine, a hot stove, and creativity?  Come along for the ride. I will be blogging about food, family, and anything else that inspires me.


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  1. Hey no one has left a witty comment here, so here is mine, pretty clever huh?

  2. Shirley Benson

    I have been enjoying your blog, it inspires me to get into the kitchen and experiment. Poor Bill, he takes it all in stride.

  3. Chris is the same. I get enthused with the seasonal fruits and vegetables, or a new find in a magazine, and he has to wait till pictures to be taken, or run to the store for that all important ingredient. That is why often times there are no pictures 🙂

    Thanks for reading. I do enjoy it.


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