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From: GOVERNORS Press * Governor’s Office
Sent: Monday, April 09, 2007 12:53 PM
Subject: NEWS RELEASE: Governor Kulongoski Challenges Oregonians to “Food Stamp Challenge”

Theodore R. Kulongoski

NEWS RELEASE______________
April 9, 2007

Salem – Today Governor Ted Kulongoski challenged all Oregonians to join him and his wife, Mary Oberst, during “Hunger Awareness Week” from April 23-29, 2007 and live off of an average food stamp budget of $21 per person for the week—or an average of $3 per day, per person.

“I challenge all Oregonians to experience first-hand what thousands of Oregon families go through everyday,” said Governor Kulongoski. “Budgeting just $1 a meal each day for food, and trying to make that food nutritious, is a difficult task that sadly is a reality for too many Oregonians and their families.”

Every April since he took office, the Governor has declared one week Hunger Awareness Week to educate Oregonians about Oregon’s hunger problem and to engage the public in becoming part of the solution.

“Many of us will never know what it’s like not to know where our next meal will come from or whether we’ll have enough food in the cupboard to make it through the week,” Governor Kulongoski continued. “My hope is that by participating in the food stamp challenge, Oregonians will gain a better understanding of what hundreds of thousands of Oregonians experience each month as they try to afford meet their families’ basic needs – transportation, housing, child care, health care – and food.”

For 30 years, the Food Stamp Program has been America’s first line of defense against hunger and food insecurity. Each month, over 425,000 Oregonians use food stamps to provide meals for their families at home – generating $855 million of economic activity. That economic activity supports grocers, farmers’ markets, and communities across the state—contributing toward increased job security, strong wages, business profits and economic vitality.

This year, the Food Stamp Program is being reauthorized at the federal level through the nutrition title of the farm bill. In addition to adequate funding for the program, the governor next week while in Washington D.C. will be asking Oregon’s congressional delegation to fight against threats to the program coming from the federal administration.

In addition to the food stamp challenge, Governor Kulongoski will be participating in events throughout Hunger Awareness Week highlighting Oregon’s hunger problem and the progress the state is making to address it.

To sign-up to participate in the Food Stamp Challenge e-mail Oregon Food Bank at


Anna Richter Taylor, 503.378.6169
Jake Weigler, 503.378.6496
Kristina Edmunson, 503.378.5040

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Donate funds to Oregon Food Bank >



Oregon Food Bank
Jean Kempe-Ware, public relations manager


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